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Geophysical service company SOLITON  ltd is a private enterprise formed as a team of professional geophysicists.

SOITON Ltd was established more than 30 years ago in Gelendzhik city of Russia Federation.

The company inherit the electrical prospecting techniques and teams of YMG Ass. and YMGNG Trust.

Since 1993 it  became a private enterprise SOLITON Llp.

Soliton Ltd uses the High Resolution Electromagnetic (HREM) Operations which originated in the 1990’s, and was successfully patented in 1989 - 2001.

During last twenty years SOLITON Ltd continues to develop technology components  proprietary sources, receivers, acquisition systems and data processing software for HREM.

The main areas of our activity are exploration of hydrocarbons and minerals deposits, water sources and engineering survey in on- shore and off-shore environments.

We offer wide range of integrated geophysical services to petroleum and mining operators and provide complete solutions on the basis of up-to-date techniques and Operationss.

Our advantages are based on an integration of standard industrial technologies and our unique patented developments that could be utilized in complex surface environments such as mountains, deserts, transit zone, shelves, lakes and rivers.

The application of Know-How electromagnetic technologies provides high quality of field data and increases a reliability of prognoses with essential reduction of total cost.

Worldwide experience

Since then, Soliton Ltd has completed over 250 EM surveys in various geographical conditions. Totally more than 35000 km of EM lines were acquired in land and marine environment.

We are serving for more than 30 customers, including the world's leading petroleum companies.

The main result is reducing of  exploration risk and increasing of drilling success rates up to 82% in 2011.


1974 First marine electric survey in the Azov sea

1980 First marine electric survey in the Black sea, n-w shelf, Golitsin group of prospects

1984 First commercial electric survey on Kashagan structure, Caspian sea

1985 Exploration project in the Barents and Pechora seas in the Arctic ocean

1989 First patents on  EM Operations for hydrocarbons detection

1990 First pilot project for gas hydrate exploration in the Kerch- Taman area of the Black sea

1992 First fullscale marine EM survey in the Western Black sea

1993 SOLITON Ltd established in Gelendzhik city

1994 The patent on  invention of Seismo Electric  and Induced Inducted Polarization Operationss

2000 First commercial EM survey in Korea

2000 First EM borehole - to- surface survey in Kuban region

2002 First deep- water commercial survey in Black sea

2004 First shallow water commercial survey in the Azov sea (3-7m)

2005 First commercial gas discovery announced in NW Black sea predicted by HREM

2006 SOLITON awarded the contract for LukOil in the N.Pre-Caspian basin

2008 The patent on  High Resolution Electromagnetic (HREM) Operations for drilling risk reduction

2009 Soliton started operations in 7 blocks in China

2009 Corporation agreement with DMIGE Ltd

2010 The large marine EM survey for VietSovPetro in the S.China sea

2010 The Large marine EM survey for PetroVietmam in the S.China sea

2011 HREM survey in tranzit zone of the North Caspian sea at water depth 0.2-2m

2011 HREM survey in Alberta province, Canada (partnership)

Soliton ltd, 38, Krasnogvardeyskaya str. Gelendzhik, 353461, RUSSIA